Placement Hitting

Hitting Tips: Placement Hitting

In Order to be a successful Slow Pitch Hitter, It is important to have great bat control. Placement Hitting Gives the Hitter the Capability to hit the ball to the opposite field or Up the middle on Demand. In order to be successful your stance, alignment, and Swing need to be consistent and even. Below are some helpful tips you can use in order to be successful. 

Four Keys To Placement Hitting

The Stance
Don't give away where you want to go with the ball, so try to keep a comfortable a consistent stance. That usually means feet about shoulder width, hips and shoulders aligned and pointed at second base, hands back and high. For many high hands is important in slow pitch softball; if you drop your hands you'll tend to uppercut the ball which results in more pop ups. By keeping the hands high, it will level the swing and create more line drives.

To go opposite field your alignment in the batters box needs to stay consistent. Stand centered and closer to the pitcher. You're really looking for an outside pitch to take to the opposite field and by standing away in the batters box it's harder for the pitcher to jam you and still throw strikes. (Note: a good pitcher who sees you off the plate may deliberately try to pitch you outside so don't stand so far that you can't get to the outside of the plate or you may get struck out.) Standing closer to the pitcher means that a strike is going to descend deeper back in your swing - a deeper pitch is easier to take to the opposite field. If the pitcher knows you want to go that way he may deliberately try to pitch you short.

The Step
To go opposite field, take your step that way. Never move your back foot unless you have to, let your front foot close your stance on the step, basically you will step towards the pitcher and towards the plate - placing your heel slightly past the line where your toes were. That closes your stance, turns your hips towards the right and helps you take the ball that way.

The Swing
Be patient. You need to wait on the ball to go opposite field. Keep the hands high because it's easy to uppercut when you're trying to go that way. You want to get your hands out in front of the barrel of the bat on your swing. If you can do all of that you can go opposite field.