2012-2013 Years Best: Bats

2012-2013 ASA Years Best: TOP 5 Bats

Choosing a bat for your upcoming Season can be a bit frustrating! Leave that up to us. We tested and reviewed all of the top bats in the Market for 2013. Rankings and Ratings are based on Three Categories: Distance, SweetSpot, and Durability. Read our Reviews and Rankings Below!!!!

1. Baden Axe Avenge ASA Slow Pitch Bat

Overall Rating: 9.9
Distance: 9.9
SweetSpot: 9.8
Durability: 10

2013 Baden Axe Avenge ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat L155
The Axe™ Handle
Sits flush against the bottom hand for a more natural fit that promotes more consistent swings.
Increases barrel accuracy, bat speed, comfort, and leverage. The axe handle also helps reduce hand fatigue and injury risk.

Bat Features:
Patented Technology
Performance Carbon Handle
Cushioned, tacky grip
LONGBarrel Design Technology
2-piece composite, LONGBarrel design
Tuned to the maximum 98 MPH performance! 
Massive sweet spot
Plus Plus™ Reinforced Composite Barrel
Approved Associations: ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF approved

Baden released this two piece axe handle bat in 2013, and it already performs as one of its best ASA bats ever. The all new Axe Avenge is no joke. It consistently Drops Bombs, even on MisHits!!! The Axe Handle is so unique, Baden carries a 15 year patent on the handle inspired by Ted Williams! Good Sweetspot, Great Distance! If your looking for something new, give it a try, you wont be disatisfied!

2013 Easton Synergy Speed Brett Helmer Softball Bat SRV3

Overall Rating: 9.8
Distance: 10.0
SweetSpot: 9.5
Durability: 10

1.Slightly end loaded for increased power
2.12" barrel length
3. EASTON’s Focused Flex handle technology increases power
4. VRS™ provides solid feel and the elimination of vibration for ultimate comfort
5. IMX™ technology - the best in materials, design and manufacturing process

The all new Stealth Brett Helmer Addition ranks 2 on our list but not by Much. This Bat is Hot out of the Wrapper. The ball comes off extremely well and with tons of Pop. You can really feel the ball when you hit it flush! Just explodes of the bat! It is slightly end loaded and has a smaller handle. Probably the best distance of the bunch! The all new Stealth would be a great edition to your Bat Collection!!! Easton continues to Produce quality Products. 

2012 DeMarini The One ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat
Overall Rating: 9.6
Distance: 9.6
SweetSpot: 9.6
Durability: 9.5

1. Two Piece Composite
2. Designed for the slow pitch fanatic that demands more feedback and response from the barrel. 
4. The stacked composite barrrel provides more power that player demands.

After Reviewing the DeMarini The One ASA Softball Bat, Our conclusion is simple. Wow!!!. It shines on the field, the One Drops Bombs. This bat has lots of pop!! It has great distance and is one of the better bats out there for ASA Leagues. If DeMarini is your Bat of Choice than this is the bat for you.

2013 Combat Avarice 98 Slow Pitch Bat

Overall Rating: 9.5
Distance: 9.5
SweetSpot: 9.5
Durability: 9.4

New Features
1. Maximum Performance (MAP)
2. Super Sweetspot Size (SSS)
3. Blended Fiber Technology (BFT)
4. Multi-Wall Construction
5. Balanced Feel

The Avarice by Combat is a traditional one piece! It's big and aggressive, just like the Combat Boys!. Stiff out of the wrapper almost Sounds dead, but give it some time. Once it opens up, watch out!!!! The Performance is incredible. It has a Super Sweetspot and consistently Drops Bombs. If you like Combat Bats, then this is the bat for you!!! 

2012-2013 Anderson Nanotek ASA Slowpitch

Overall Rating: 9.4
Distance: 9.5
SweetSpot: 9.3
Durability: 9.5

For 2012, the Anderson NanoTek Fastpitch bat is all new. Anderson added a composite handle and more Nano Metal, making the 2012 Anderson NanoTek SP the best Anderson softball bat ever. More NanoTek from top to taper: NanoTek metal is a coating of patented, Anderson exclusive material the thickness of a human hair. When applied to the barrel of the NanoTek SP, it allows the baseball bat to flex like a composite bat, despite being a single wall alloy barrel. NanoTek metal is the best bat material currently on the market. Composite Handle: Anderson has added a stiff composite handle to the 2012 Nanotek, giving batters a better feel with little to no sting or vibration in the bat.

Bat Features:
Balanced Swing Weight
Two Piece Slowpitch Softball Bat
Stiff Composite Handle
All Metal Barrel With NanoTek Coating
Anderson Model Number: 011030
Ergonomically Correct Knob Helps Prevent Injuries
ASA, ISA, USSSA, NSA Softball Legal
2 1/4" Diameter Barrel
One Year Warranty Against Defects

The 2013 Anderson Nanotek is better than ever and will take your game to new heights. Anderson has one of the largest sweetspots in the game.  The ball simply explodes of the bat. The, longer barrel length  results in maximum allowable performance. The Nanotek swings lighter with a more controlled swing for the precision line drive hitter. This bat has the power, performance and feel that you are looking for. If your an Anderson Hitter! The new Nanotek will blow you away!