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Hitting For Power

Hitting Tips: Hitting For Power  

Hitting a homerun is one of the Best Feelings on the Planet. The fact is that upper body strength is not the foundation of a great power hitter, Its Your Core and Lower Body strength!!! Rotational velocity is the key to great power. The more rotational velocity you can create the more momentum you will produce. The greater your momentum when you contact the ball, the greater the force you transfer to the ball. In order to create enough Bat speed and Power to Clear the Fences, A player needs to have their mechanics established. Follow the steps and video's below and in no time you'll be Destroying the Softball.

Step by Step Guide 

1. Stance: Stand comfortably, Feet Shoulder Width Apart
2. Slightly More weight on the back foot
3. Start Load Faze: Weight shifts to back Leg, Hands Are Closed
4. Lower Body:  Leg Rises, Begin Shifting Weight From backwards to forwards, Upper Body: Hands begin to shift Back
6. Hips Begin Rotating and Weight Begins to be transferred to front foot
7. Throw the Knob of the Bat at the ball, Hands Lead the Way
8. Front arm straight, As the Ball is being striked
9. The ball is hit in front creating Bat Speed
10. Follow Through with your swing
11. Watch it Sail over the Fence

Hitting Tips: Hitting For Power Instructional Videos

Rotational Mechanics

YouTube Video

Hitting For Power

YouTube Video